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30A Real Estate is Hot.

If you're a 30A lover like so many, and looking to purchase a home or some real estate here at the beach -- We'd love to help. Here's a breakdown of what's happening here in the market.

First of all -- Don't shy away from buying when you hear "The 30A Real Estate Market is Hot" - this is often the time when builders/developers/investors can get more creative with their budgets, and some of the most beautiful homes come on the market and trade hands. This generally also means you're doing well in a prospering economy. And... I know what you're thinking... is this like the 2005-2008 run we had a decade ago? Not a all. This time lending is much more tight - although "cheap", people are putting down much more cash, and in fact --

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The 30A Real Estate Market Is HOT. 

You're A Buyer. You Have Questions, Concerns, etc. Live 30A is here to help. Keep Reading. 

When the 30A real estate market is moving fast and is hot, there's a few things you as a buyer can be doing to make sure you're offer is a good and you'll be able to get the property that you've been dreaming about for family get togethers, financial reasons, and extra beach vacation time. Here's our quick list of a few things you can do. Oh and PS - there's a Realtor saying that stands mostly true... sometimes a buyer needs to "miss out" on a few homes before they "get serious". That's happening all the time now. 


30A Real Estate Market

#1.) Be Extra Prepared. 

- One of the big factors in making an offer is timing. When you have a

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Alys Beach, 30A... a beach front community with huge, beautiful palms, designer homes, clean-white lines, and construction techniques and standards that rival anywhere in the world. It's here you'll find a little town with explosive growth and exciting new happenings across the spectrum, from new home offerings, to a world-class gulf-front beach club coming soon. And now - Alys Beach has just announced their newest releases.... Gulf Front Condos in Alys Beach. These condos will join-in alongside the Alys Beach Club with a new beach entrance coming in between the two.

Gulf Front Condo Alys Beach 

Note: Both of the above photos and information have been referenced from the Alys Beach brochure for The Selene and The Easterly Condos. All photos, renderings, drawings, etc. are

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On 30A, most of the "action" happens on the "east end" of 30A, that is -- Watercolor, Seaside, Seagrove, Watersound, Seacrest, Alys Beach, Seacrest Beach, Rosemary Beach, and Inlet Beach. That's where you'll find the "Planned Urban Developments" and "Town Centers" - where the cute shops, HOA's, and aesthetically clean lines, and homes all compliment one another in the community. It's also where you'll have a little smaller lots, and higher density - and well thought out amenities, etc. 

Gulf Place Town Center 30A Live 30A Real Estate



On the "West End" of 30A - this is where you'll find the surfer vibes and the locals hanging a little more loose. You'll find a little slower pace, a little larger yards (sometimes), and an eclectic mix of homes, styles, and people --

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We are to welcome and announce that Jessica Kriser has joined the Live 30A Real Estate family!

Jessica is kind and gracious and loves helping people. She also has extensive experience in the "behind-the-scenes" of vacation rental management here on 30A, and is a guide for those looking to find their perfect vacation beach house here in South Walton. ⁠She brings to the table tons of local real estate knowledge, including "what it takes" for a 30A home or condo to stand out in the vacation rental market. You can search with Jessica online at

Fun Fact: Jessica served as a luxury vacation rental manager here on 30A for several years. She is also a wonderful mother! 

Jessica Kriser 30A Real Estate Agent Live 30A Real Estate location: Watercolor

Photo by: Little Miss Creative Photography

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You may have heard it through the grapevine. Maybe you've experienced it. Here's the lowdown, a real story, and the actual numbers of what the real estate market on 30A is doing right now...

Western Lake Live 30A Real Estate


The 30A Real Estate Market Is Very HOT. It's True.

Two days ago I listed a home for sale in Grayton Beach just before lunch. After a casual lunch, I had almost 10 missed calls. By the end of the day we had several offers. The home is pending to the best offer today (which isn't always the highest $... I'll explain later). 

The Market is quickly transitioning. 

Supply and Demand. When demand goes up for 30A, and supply goes down - the market naturally responds. With the pandemic and transition of so many jobs to remote working, the demand for real

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Finally being able to purchase "your" beach home on 30A is exciting! Congratulations if you've made it thus far - you've likely worked very hard to get where you are today, and 30A holds a special place in your heart for you and your family. 

Inlet Beach 30A real estate Live 30A


Whether you can pay cash or you're like most of us and will need financing, buying a property here at the beach is a multi-step process - but should go very smoothly if everyone is on the same page and speed. Having a great real estate agent that you connect with (read: vibe with) and communicate well with is key to a making things go as uninterrupted as it should. A good 30A real estate agent, like any with Live 30A, will help your clarify your needs, find the property, research the values, present and

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We are happy to announce John & Shawna Jacoby have joined the Live 30A Real Estate family! Both bring unique strengths and personalities to the team that we are so excited to have. Please join us in welcoming them - you can share this post, leave a comment, and begin your real estate search with them at and

John and Shawna are a dynamic couple that bring plenty of expertise and local knowledge to the table for their buyers and sellers. When working with them, you can expect to not only have a great experience, but you'll make friends along the way. 

Fun Fact: The Jacoby's have background knowledge in construction, business, and managing vacation rentals at the beach here on 30A. 

The Jacoby team Live 30A Real Estate 30A Realtor

About John: 

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 Love 30A and considering living at the beach instead of vacationing 2-3x per year?

Here's Our Guide to Becoming a Local on 30A

Heads up... It's entirely possible for you to live like a local, 10 minutes or less from the beautiful beaches of 30A. Here's how to make it happen and how others have ditched spending $10-25k+ per year on vacationing to 30A - to Living the 30A lifestyle. 

Inlet beach pier Camp Hellen State Park Live 30A Real Estate

New Business Practices & Work Lifestyles Make Living at the Beach a total Possibility. 

Previously, living at the beach (full time or part time) was reserved for the super wealthy, astute entrepreneurs, remote workers, local service providers, surfers, and beach bums. With COVID-19 changing the working landscape around the world, millions of people have found

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The First Half of 2020 has been quite the year for real estate here on 30A. In our half-year (Q1 & Q2) Market Report, we detail out a few key indicators of market growth and health - factors that will help you, the buyer or seller, make informed decisions as you narrow down and find your 30A home, condo, or property. 

You'll find the market statistics below, as well an easy-to-read and share graphic, and explainer video if you'd rather listen and watch the beach than read an article. But before we get started - here's a few details you'll need to know... 

The report contains statistics relatively hyper-local to 30A. Meaning only properties south of 98 (does not include north of 98 properties and communities like Watersound Origins and half of Inlet

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